Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris is a native of Pittsburgh PA.  She graduated in 1992 with a BA in Psychology and went on to receive her Masters in Education and Montessori training.  She taught for 13 years before deciding to stay home to raise her 3 children.

Kelly resides Lexington with her husband of 23 years.  She met Carin in 2010 when they were placed in the same Bible study group.  Carin had just been re-diagnosed with cancer.  The group became very close as they spent so much time in prayer with Carin and supporting her thru her very difficult time.  When Carin asked Kelly to be a part of the board for her non-profit, Carin for Nurses, Kelly was humbled and honored to accept the position.  She will continue to serve on the board to make Carin’s dream of helping nurses in need come true.