2015 Nurses’ Ball tickets on sale now! click here- NB2015

License PlateKentucky’s 1st Nurses License Plate Will not be made. Unfortunately, we have been unable to pre-sale the mandatory 900 License Plates required for production of the plates.  Therefore, the Transportation Cabinet will not be producing the Carin For Nurses License Plates.

Please email Us at : Carin if you would like a refund for your plate  ($25).  If we do not receive a request for a refund, then we will consider the $25 a charitable donation, which is tax deductible.

Kroger PLUS now allows you to add CarinForNurses as your charity of choice!
To do so log in here and choose Carin For Nurses

Email us if you know a nurse, so that we can send her/him our details on how they can join us in our fights! email us at View the details of our 501(c)3! Our main focus will always be to help nurses of all states, but we are starting with our grass roots in Kentucky. If you are interested in joining Carin for Nurses, please call today 859.699.1443!