CFRNS 2014

Nurses Ball 2014  To view the 2014 Nurses ball click the link -> NURSES BALL 2014 1st_Annual_Nurses_Ball_for_Carin_for_Nurses_2 ball Kentucky’s 1st Nurses License Plate 900 license plates are needed before we go into production and we are accepting applications! You may order online below using PayPal (paypal account is not needed to purchase) or call us 859-699-1443 to order via phone! You do not have to be a nurse to purchase the plate, we encourage family members and friends to purchase as well!

Order yours Today!License Plate Be the first to display on your car or truck Kentucky’s 1st Nurses License Plate!

Colors & Logo- Red & White symbolizes the 1st nurses in history (Candy Stripers) & the white heart of nursing.

Please include the address where your vehicle is registered

Having a nursing license plate is the same as having a nursing sweatshirt or Tshirt, the same as having a bumper sticker stating “I love nurses”. Our plates are for anyone who wishes to order them and support a nurse in need of financial assistance; so no one could ever know if its a nurse, mother, father, friend who adorns the plate on their vehicle. Rest assured any rumors are meant to cause drama, not help a nurse in need!  Parade #3 is off the books and now we are preparing for #4 photo1photo We hope that next year we can show the world that we are here to stay! With your efforts we can, we need volunteers to help raise awareness, won’t you help a nurse in need? 40,000 Nurses in Kentucky, help us reach them all! Email us if you know a nurse so that we can send her/him our details on how they can join us in our fights! email us at View the details of our 501(c)3! Our main focus will always be to help nurses of all states, but we are starting with our grass roots in Kentucky. If you are interested in joining Carin for Nurses, please call today 859.982.9458!